Library Facilities

  • Library [Photo to be uploaded]

The Library is one of the finest that any College campus can hope to have.  Housed in an imposing building, it caters to the needs of students and staff of the Society’s six colleges.  The Library boasts of a large collection of over 80,000 books in almost all major disciplines in the Arts, Science and Commerce streams. . Besides, the Library subscribes to about 80 periodicals and research journals, both Indian and foreign and also 14 newspapers. The Library is computerized and provides students with quick access to books and other resources of the library.

  •  Hostel Facilities                        ( Photo to be uploaded)                 

Separate Hostel facilities with clean lodging and sanitation are available for boys and girls who are not the residents of Belagavi.  Admission to the hostels is subject to availability of vacant rooms. Enquiries about fees and availability of rooms are to be made with the warden or the respective college office.

  • Mess

Mess facility is made available for Hostel students. Hygienic conditions and quality food is served in a spacious mess hall adjacent to the ladies hostel.




  • Playground (Photo to be uploaded)

The campus has a large playground covering nearly six acres.  The ground has a Cricket pitch, a Kho Kho court, a Volleyball court and is suitably marked for Hockey, Football and Athletics.  S.K.E. Society believes that intellectual acumen must be accompanied by physical fitness and hence has traditionally supported sports and games.

  • Gymnasium                                                                          (Photo to be uploaded)

The gymnasium has specialized Multi-Gym equipment where students can perform weight training to tone their bodies.  Other accessories required for weight training are also available.  An instructor is present to help train the students.  Students and staff are encouraged to use this facility.

  • Gymkhana Hall (K. M. Giri Hall) (photo)

The K. M. Giri Gymkhana Hall is spacious enough to have a Badminton court.  It also has facilities for table tennis.  Arrangements for Carrom and Chess are also available at the hall.  The Gymkhana Hall is also used for events like special lectures, elocution and debates, dramas and music concerts etc.

  • Open Air Theater (photo)

A large open air theater that can accommodate over 1000 students is the central point of cultural activities on the campus.  The society actively promotes and encourages students to participate in elocution and debates, music and dance and drama.  All this will help students to develop social and communication skills and help in grooming their personality.  Like the rest of the campus, the canteen is a “No Smoking” zone.

  • Hobby Centre (photo)

The college operates a Hobby Centre where useful crafts like embroidery, knitting, doll making, making of artificial flowers and soft toys, etc., are taught to interested students.  Demonstrations and lectures by skilled persons are arranged.  Exhibitions and sales are organized to help students earn while they learn.

  • Students Counseling Cell

The College has set up a ‘Student’s Counseling Cell’ under the able guidance of Mrs. Ashwini Belgaonkar, Psychologist and Counselor, to help students avail counseling for their personal as well as academic problems.



  • Bank (photo)

Union Bank of India operates a full fledged branch with ATM facility on the campus.  This is a very convenient and useful facility for staff and students, especially to those residing in the hostels. The students are requeted to open an account in the bank to avail  any financial benefit from the college.

  • Xerox Centre

The college Xerox centre facility for the convenience of the students.  The Centre is open from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. The students can get photo copies at concessional rates here.

  •  S.K.E.Society’s Sports Academy

S.K.E.Society’s ‘Sports Academy’ was launched on 29 September 2013 with the intention of promoting sports and games. The Academy, apart from providing intensive coaching in Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, also organizes tournaments and competitions.

  • Health Centre: the health centre functions in the campus (opposite ladies hostel). Dr.Mrs.Reshma Kamate is the medical officer.
  • Computer Laboratory: the society has established two well equipped computer labs. At present the labs have over 100 computer systems along with necessary accessories.
  • WIFI Campus: Internet has become a very useful and efficient tool for study, research and communication. For this purpose, the campus has been enabled with wifi facility. Staff and students can make use of the internet facility for academic purposes.