PUC I & II Tests and Examinations.

Test/Exam Date Duration Marks
I Test August 1 hr 30 min 50
II Test September 1 hr 30 min 50
Mid term Examination Oct./Nov 3 hrs 15 min 100
PUC I Annual Examination Feb./March 3 hrs 15 min 100
PUC II Preparatory Examination January 3 hrs 15 min 100
Cyclic Test January 2 hrs 100
PU II Annual Examination March 3 hrs 15 min 100


The Results of P.U.C. –I year Annual Exam shall be declared on 31 March of every year, or as per the Deputy Director’s instructions.



Declaration of Pass:

All those who obtain a minimum of 30% in a paper and 35% in the aggregate in Part-I and Part-II separately in the Annual Examination shall be declared as pass.