Dress Code for Students

Dress Code for Students

A safe and disciplined learning environment is the first requirement of a good educational institution.  In response to growing levels of indiscipline on the campus, one positive and creative way is to introduce dress code for the students.

Dress Speaks For One’s Personality

For Boys :  Regular pair of pants and formal shirt or plain T-shirt and a decent hair cut.

For Girls  :  Salwar Kameez or Jeans with long Kurta.


Dos & Don’ts For Students


. Wearing badges on the campus is compulsory and should produce the Identity Card when demanded.

. Loitering in the campus during free time is not permitted.

. Spending free time in library is appreciated.

. Following the prescribed dress code is compulsory





Students should be regular and punctual to all classes. Attendance in all lectures is compulsory. Students with attendance below 75% of the total numbers of lectures delivered in each subject will not be allowed to appear for the annual examination of the PU Board. Shortage worked out on the basis of 75% in each subject will be notified at the end of every month.



All students must adhere to the discipline norms of the colleges. They are expected to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of a member of the college community. Such conduct is based on respect for the dignity and rights of individuals respect for public and personal property and academic honesty.


Authorities may also take note of a student’s behavior outside the campus and in such cases appropriate action will be taken.


At the time of admission, each student shall sign a declaration on the admission form, that he/she will abide by all the rules and regulations and accept. The decision of the principal in all matters as final.


Each student will possess a Photo Identity Card valid for the current academic year and must always carry it while in the college campus and produce it whenever asked by the authorities. They should also wear the Identification Photo-Card which will be provided by the College.


Soon after admission, the student should submit his/her fee receipt along with an identity card size photograph to the Library for the issue of an Identity Card. Delay on the part of the student in obtaining an identity card is liable for fine. Loss of the Identity Card must be immediately reported to the Librarian in writing. A fee will be charged for the issue of a duplicate.


Students are expected to observe silence and decency in the class room, library, gymkhana hall and gymnasium. They should not loiter around on the campus or make noise in the verandahs when classes are in progress.


Any student found causing damage to building, furniture, surroundings, etc, will be severely penalized. Smoking, chewing paan or ghutka inside the campus are strictly prohibited. Littering is discouraged and will be penalized.


Students going out of station for Tours/Trips/Sports/Competitions etc., can go at their own risk and responsibility. Further, they have to submit the declaration form, countersigned by the parents / guardians, to the office.


Students are not allowed to go on a class picnic unless accompanied by teachers. They need to take written permission from the Principal.


All cases of breach of discipline shall be dealt with severely. The decision of the Principal in all the matters is final.