Dept. of History

Department of Kannada

Name: Shri M. B. Chouka,

Qualification: M. A. NET, B.Ed

Designation: Lect. in Kannada

Department of English

Name: Miss Sheetal Desai

Qualification: M.A., PGDCA

Designation: Lect. in E

Department of Hindi

Name: Miss. V. A. Patil,

Qualification:M. A., B.Ed., M.Phil

Designation: Lect. in Hindi

Department of Marathi

Name: Miss. Lata Kanabarkar,

Qualification: M.A

Designation: Lect. in Marathi

Department of History

Name: Mrs. Rajashri Dandigyagol

Qualification: M.A., M.Ed

Designation: Lect. in History

Department of Economics

Name: Mrs. S.M.Chougale

Qualification: M.A. M.Phil, SLET

Designation: Lect. in Economics

Paper published in Journal bearing ISBN NO 978-81-910788-9-3: Globalization and its impact on Indian Agriculture.

Department of Geography

Name: Shri M. B. Doddamane,

Qualification: M.A. B. Ed. M. Phil.

Designation: Lect. in Geography

Department of Sociology

Name: Dr. Miss S. B. Sambhaji,

Qualification:Ph.d,  M. A., B. Ed., NET

Designation: Lect. in Sociology

Paper published in Journal bearing ISBN NO: Teen Culture and Global Fashion Trends.

Department of Political Science

Name: Mrs R. B. Mutgekar,

Qualification: M.A. B.Ed.

Designation: Lect. in Political Science