College Emblem



The College emblem symbolizes the aspects of Royalty, Knowledge and Grace in education



Vision of the College:

This Vision that is ‘Empowering the individual with knowledge’ states the society’s belief as its fundamental promise.


The South Konkan Education Society was founded at Sawantwadi in 1944 out of a strong patriotic fervor to build a new and modern India through the pathways of education.  Educational institutions represented the new temples of modern India in which future citizens were empowered through enlightenment and guidance.


Mission Statement of the College:

The Rani Parvati Devi College believes that education is transference of living values empowering future citizens to fulfill individual and social responsibility with maturity.


Objectives of the mission: Our institution envisions:

  • To transfer the relevance of the study of humanities and commerce in this electronic era, awakening self respect and a belief in the intrinsic goodness of human beings.


  • To empower thought processes so as to be able to formulate ‘Indian methods of modernity’, forged from the influences of the past and the present, the eastern and the western aspect of human life.


  • To perceive that Indian society is an amazing showcase of “Unity in diversity’ in its cultural, religious and linguistic aspects.


  • To foster a holistic attitude towards the use and place of the English language along with pride and respect towards the regional language, mother tongue and rich historical heritage of the regional cultures.


  • To foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and responsibility between the male and female members of society so as to create and sustain a stable and valuable family unit towards the building of a strong society and nation.