Course of Study and Examinations

All the subjects offered at the PUC I year will also be studied at PUC-II year.  Students should enter the choice of subject combination in the admission form as given below.  The choice of courses will be subject to the approval of the Principal.  No change in subjects will be allowed afterwards without the permission of the Principal.




Subject Combinations for PUC – I year Arts


‘A’ Division : (Teaching in Kannada to help Kannada medium students)

Part : I- English (compulsory) and Marathi/Hindi/Kannada

Part : II- Opt.I –History, Economics, Geography, Kannada Optional

Opt. : II- History, Economics, Geography, Sociology


‘B’ Division:  Part: I- English (compulsory) Marathi/Hindi/Kannada

Part: II-History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology


‘C’ Division: Part: I- English (compulsory) Marathi/Hindi/Kannada

Part : II- History, Economics, Political Science, Geography


Subject Combination for PUC- I Year Commerce


Part: I- English(compulsory) & Hindi/Marathi/Kannada

Part:II- Opt.I- Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Statistics.

Opt.II-Accountacy,Business Studies,Economics, Computer Science

Opt.III-Accountacy,Business Studies,Economics, Political Science